BZP Steel Hooks with Sleeve Fixing Anchor

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BZP Steel Hooks with Sleeve Fixing Anchor
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A zinc plated, yellow passivated, torque controlled, hook with a sleeve wall anchor

Manufactured using a forging process, to prevent opening out of hook when load is applied

Three piece segmented expansion anchor body with cone

Nut & Washer Included

M6 M8 M10 and M12 diameters available

Product Name Thread (mm) A (mm) D (mm) L (mm) Drill Hole (mm) Price Qty
M6 Hook with Shield Anchor 6 8 12 80 12
Excl. VAT: £0.42 Incl. VAT: £0.50
M8 Hook with Shield Anchor 8 10 14 100 14
Excl. VAT: £0.40 Incl. VAT: £0.48
M10 Hook with Shield Anchor 10 13 16 120 16
Excl. VAT: £0.76 Incl. VAT: £0.91
M12 Hook with Shield Anchor 12 17 20 150 20
Excl. VAT: £1.24 Incl. VAT: £1.49