Boat Accessories

Boat Accessories

Stainless Steel Boat Accessories, Mooring Cleats, Vents and Fairleads

GS Products are the leading suppliers of boating deck fittings, steel cleats and fairleads. 100% A4 marine grade AISI 316 stainless steel. Tough, durable and corrosion resistant, they’re designed for outdoor maritime use and are extremely hard wearing. Our products are suitable for marine professionals who are interested in low maintenance and high savings.

We have a huge range of boat vents, hinges, grab handles, boat steps, mooring cleats and equipment including bow chocks and bollards, as well as hot dipped galvanised, rope, horn type and flat top options available to purchase online. They all offer strong and secure fixing points for boat moorings that are built to last.

Anchor Guide

Below is a quick guide for the correct size anchor and chain configuration for your boat to buy here at

A good anchor system is your best insurance policy. The system will only be as good as the weakest link, therefore every element needs close scrutiny from the shackles to the Anchor itself.

There is no anchor on the market that will be 100% effective on sea beds of all types so it is recomended that you carry a Kedge (secondary) anchor and warp in addition to your Bower (primary) anchor and warp.

Typically the 2 anchors will be geometrically different so as to provide a different option should one be proving ineffective on any given seabed.

For specific advice that relates to your boat we always recommend that you consult the boat manufacturer.