wire rope custom made assemblies

  • Custom Steel Wire Rope Fabrications / Assemblies

    GSproducts.co.uk can now offer custom wire rope assemblies made to order to your exact requirements.  We have 2 in house steel wire rope swaging machines offering wire rope slings, strops, lanyards, wire balustrade, gym cables and pretty much anything you require.

    Email us today with your requirements and we will be happy to offer a non-obligation quote for your custom wire fabrication -sales@gsproducts.co.uk

    We can fabricate galvanised or stainless steel wire ropes, We also offer  PVC coated galvanised and stainless steel wire ropes which can also be fabricated

    Fast turn around for your wire rope fabrications... the average lead time for a wire rope fabrication is 1-2 working days.

    Please email us with as much info as possible about your custom wire rope assembly for a quick, accurate quote. We will require the following information for your wire assembly....

    • Wire rope - which wire rope? Galvanised or Stainless, which strand eg. 7x7, 7x19 or 1x19 and which diameter?
    • End fittings - We offer a wide range of end fittings that can be swaged onto the end of your fabrication, please have a good look around our website
    • Length - please let us know the length, is the length the overall length, bearing to bearing or eye to eye centers?
    • Quantity - How many wire rope fabrications do you require?


    Below is an example of how to easily explain to us what wire fabrication you require....

    Wire - 4mm 7x7 stainless steel wire rope

    End 1 - Stainless steel swage jaw 

    End 2 - Stainless steel swage jaw 

    Length - Pin to pin center 1000mm

    Quantity - 2 units

    We are 100% confident that we will be the cheapest, best and fastest supplier of steel wire rope custom assemblies in the UK, get in touch sales@gsproducts.co.uk 

    We offer the most wire rope swage fittings in the UK, 



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