All Aboard (August): Sailing with the Sisterhood & Bacon in the Bahamas

Land Ahoy, readers! And welcome back to the GS Product's monthly round up of the finest seafaring blogs the ocean waves and the world wide web have to offer. Each month we help customers the world over access quality sailing accessories, we also run our monthly round up to give access to the top quality blogs from sailors who are living the ocean-going dream, keeping up with their adventures while sharing both their exploits and their advice.

This month; climb aboard with a seafaring sisterhood, sailed around the Åland archipelago and meet some pigs on a beach in the Bahamas.

Joining the Seafaring Sisterhood Aboard Swell Voyage

We can't get enough of theSwell Voyage blog, penned by open and adventurous spirit – not to mention surfing obsessive mermaid – Liz. After 10 years aboard her vessel (named Swell Voyage), Liz has lived through plenty of adventures, ups, downs and incredible experiences. In her fantastic blog, the seafarer shares her stories and adventures with a devoted coterie of regular readers who are routinely inspired by her story.This latest post is all about “girl power” on the ocean waves. In recent months, Liz teamed up with “sea sisters” Kimi Werner and Léa Brassy to sail French Polynesia. It makes for a great read!

Sailing Around Åland

6We love a sailing blog that's packed with photographs from less travelled to destinations. TheDolphin Dance, sailed by Minna and Antti, is currently exploring the Stockholm archipelago andthe photographs of Åland look absolutely stunning. We want to hope on a boat and head for summertime Scandinavia right now – just think of all those long, long evenings! Take a look at the Dolphin Dance blog to keep up with Minna and Antti's adventures.

Swimming Pigs in the Bahamas

We loveMonday Never's ethos and spirit. A young married couple doing everything they can to escape the daily grind and make the most of incredible adventures, creating videos and blogs along the way to chart their experiences.This August Cat and Will made it to the Bahamas and befriended a couple of swimming pigs on a deserted paradise beach. We're hooked. Monday – NEVER!

Which sailing blog inspires you to get adventuresome? Share your top picks and your favourite less travelled destinations with other readers below.

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